The Talavera Serving Bowl

Authentic Talavera Servings Platters and BowlsHaving its origins in Puebla Mexico, and echoing that tradition, all of the paint used in our Talavera products are 100% lead free. Originally, only vegetable dyes and all natural pigments were used. Each artisan had their own unique style and only four different pigments were allowed to be used in order for a piece to qualify as Talavera. Today, several other colors have been added and since the pallet has expanded, so has the colorful festive nature of the pieces.

Our serving bowl is a perfect complement to any type of dining room table. If you have a minimalist table with a modern sleek design styling, this serving bowl with its punch of color would look perfect gracing the tabletop. Perhaps your design styles are more traditional in nature. If that is the case, this brightly colored festive bowl will perfectly complement the traditional flair of your dining room. You simply cannot go wrong using our Talavera serving bowl as a design element in your room.

Consider these other design ideas as well:

For your entryway. Place the serving bowl on your entryway or console table filled with potpourri to greet guests with a wonderful aroma as they enter your home. The aroma combined with the colorful presentation of the serving bowl is a wonderful way to welcome friends into your space.

Hallway table. Try filling the serving bowl with ornaments during the holiday season, or other items such as shells, or even pine cones during off seasons to create a fantastic display in your hallway. One of these bowls, positioned on a small side table at the end of a hallway, makes a great statement and also provides a fantay not place onestic focal point for the space.

Bedroom. Wh of these on top of your dresser, or a side reading table in your bedroom, to create a more intimate space? You could fill the bowl with dried flower potpourri and a few decorative wooden balls to ground the reading nook or crown your dresser top.

Bathroom. Place one of these on a “his and hers” vanity in your bathroom to not only divide the space, but add a little bit of dramatic flair too. You could have fun with it and put washcloths or other small toiletry items inside for guests to use during their stay. The color and functionality will make for a great accessory item in the bathroom.

You could place these in outdoor seating areas, beside your sofa on a side table, place them on your sofa table, the possibilities are truly limited only by what you can come up with. You could go off-the-cuff and fill one of the serving bowls with oranges and place it on your kitchen counter. What a great way to add a bit of color and display as well as functionality, to your kitchen! As stated before, the design options are truly limitless..

We have several different styles and patterns to choose from, so you should have no trouble finding a bowl that suits your taste and tickles your fancy. Head over to La Fuente now and make one of these Talavera serving bowls yours today!