Authentic Talavera Tiles, Pottery and Folk Art

Authentic Talavera Pottery - Fruit BowlAuthentic Talavera Tiles, Pottery and Folk Art – The art of beautifully handcrafted Talavera art has been cultivated for centuries and the extraordinary heritage of the artisans is apparent at a glance. Providing striking accents throughout your home, our wide array of Talavera pieces offer you the opportunity to draw on this legacy as you bring them into your home.

Rustic imperfections in the finish provide a special appeal and our selection of tiles and will bring the colors and allure of Mexico to your home. Accentuate bathrooms, cover the risers on a staircase, create borders and backsplashes in your, use single tiles for coasters or trivets – let your creativity shine as you place them in your home. Secondary sets of pictures are provided to show you nine-tile views, border effects, and geometric pattern options to assist you in your planning.

Alongside the unique figures, alters, and nativity scenes already offered in our collection of Religious Folk Art , several Talavera crosses have recently been added, exquisitely handmade for worship and decoration. Whether you’re searching for a special gift or a highlight for your own home, the true artistry of each piece will shine through – the only difficult part will be choosing the perfect one from among them.

Talavera – We’ve Got Your Number

tal tileJust when you thought Talavera could not think of one more wonderful thing to do with color, tile, texture and art.  We are here to say.  They did it again.  Browse through all of our eye catching house number flavors.

Liven up the exterior of your home with these eye catching Talavera house numbers. Each Talavera house number is hand-painted in Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico, and embodies all the classic charm of Mexican Talavera. Every address number has a grooved, rough-out backing to assist in gluing or tiling to a wall or frame.

There are so many styles, colors and designs to choose from.  There is no mistaking your address with these stylish and functional designs.

Bring the southwest to your home with our beautiful ceramic house numbers. Each of our rustic house numbers are hand-crafted by master artisans in Jalisco, Mexico. Every address number has a wire hoop for easy, hassle-free hanging.  Try the eye catching and unique southwest designs like Terra Cotta or Sand Jar design with assorted color choices which include a green, sand, and terra cotta colors.

And last but certainly not least.  Our hand-painted traditional house numbers, painted in the USA by a small, family-run business, our decorative ceramic house numbers will improve the exterior of any home.

These neutral designs blend with any house color and have coordinating border tiles available with complementary “Welcome” or accent messages.

Made from thick, high fired ceramic, and with the same fade resistant and weatherproof finish as our other decorative tiles, these southwest styled house numbers feature a simple, sand-colored background. For simplest installation consider displaying our house numbers in a durable aluminum frame.

Make no mistake whatever pattern, color, texture or style you choose.  “We’ve Got Your Number”. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles.  That’s the beauty of Talavera.

Authentic Talavera Tiles for Day of the Dead Style

Day of the Dead Ceramic Tile is each beautifully handcrafted and feature images which represent the annual celebration of El Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). A common symbol on our Day of the Dead Talavera Tile is the skull (calavera), which celebrants represent in masks, called calacas (colloquial term for skeleton). These skeletons or “calacas” are meant to depict a joyful and active afterlife, and are often used as home decor.

Day of the Dead Tile

Every November in the villages of Mexico, communities gather in local cemeteries to honor departed loved ones and to celebrate the joy of living. The traditions and activities that take place in celebration of the Day of the Dead are not universal, often varying from town to town.

In many American communities, especially those with a large Hispanic population, Day of the Dead celebrations are very similar to those held in Mexico. In some of these communities, such as in Texas and Arizona the celebrations tend to be mostly traditional. For example, the All Souls Procession has been an annual Tucson event since 1990. The event combines elements of traditional Day of the Dead celebrations with those of pagan harvest festivals. People wearing masks carry signs honoring the dead and an urn in which people can place slips of paper with prayers on them to be burned. Likewise, Old Town San Diego, California annually hosts a very traditional two-day celebration culminating in a candlelight procession to the historic El Campo Santo Cemetery.

Share your love of this annual celebration by incorporating Talavera Tiles which have been decorated with eye-catching Day of the Dead designs. Decorative ceramic tiles are also perfect to simply use as a drink coaster or trivet.

Talavera Figures for Day of the Dead Collectors

Talavera Figures are the perfect home accent for those who appreciate the old-world craftsmanship of Talavera pottery in a popular Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) design. You’ll find that each meticulously handmade Day of the Dead figure comes from Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico, and embodies all the colorful charm of Mexican Talavera which you love!

Talavera Catrina Ballerina

Talavera Figures are the perfect home accent for those who appreciate the old-world craftsmanship of Talavera pottery in a popular Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) design. You’ll find that each meticulously handmade Day of the Dead figure comes from Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico, and embodies all the colorful charm of Mexican Talavera which you love!

Nearly two dozen high-quality Talavera Figures are readily available for purchase from our online store. If you’re enthralled withCatrinas, then you’re sure to find one to add to your collection today! Some of our personal favorites are the Day of the Dead Ballerina Figures which are available in two sizes. The large Ballerina’s feature an adjustable and removable head and stand over 21” tall. Each unique and vibrant figure is richly painted in classic Talavera motifs.

If a Day of the Dead Skull is more up your alley, then check out our three different high-quality Talavera Skulls. Each skull is festively decorated with butterflies or flowers and is the perfect size to display on a desk or bookshelf.

For those with a sense of humor, you may enjoy our Day of the Dead Donkey or Day of the Dead Chameleon. As with all of our Talavera selections, each figure is meticulously handmade for years and years of enjoyment. Since each figure is handmade, please keep in mind that colors and designs may vary slightly, which in our opinion just adds to the charm of your new collectible!

La Fuente offers one of the largest selections of Day of the Dead collectibles online. You’ll find Day of the Dead Figures Under $20; Paper Mache Figures; Day of the Dead Tiles and even T-Shirts and Home Accessories. Browse our entire Day of the Dead product line today!

Make Sure You Are Buying Authentic Talavera

MH453a TalaveraNot all “Talavera” is created equal! With the ever-expanding growth of fake Talavera for sale in retail and online stores, make sure you are educated before investing in Talavera Plates, Pottery or Planters. Many large well-known retailers are jumping on the Talavera bandwagon and are marketing “Talavera” that is actually made of melamine (aka plastic).

All pieces of Talavera is the most outstanding of Mexico’s pottery traditions. Only natural clays are used, rather than chemically treated and dyed clays and the handcrafting process can take up to three to four months. The process is risky because a piece can break at any point. This makes Talavera three times more costly than other types of pottery. Today, only pieces made by designated areas and from workshops that have been certified are permitted to call their work “Talavera.”

Most of the Talavera Pottery offered in our online store, including all plates, platters, and place settings, is made by hand in Puebla, Mexico, and is 100% lead-free. The detail is outstanding, and due to the kiln’s high firing temperature all our Talavera dishware is also crack and chip resistant. Other items, including our Talavera Sinks, canisters, planters, and fruit bowls, come from the historic city of Dolores Hidalgo.

Article source: Wikipedia

Authentic Talavera Pottery From Mexico

Talavera plates made in Pueblo, MexicoTalavera Ceramic is mostly used to make utilitarian items such as plates, bowls, jars, flowerpots, sinks , religious items and decorative figures. However, a significant use of the ceramic is for Talavera Tiles .

Talavera was introduced to Mexico by Spanish guild artisans of the Colonial period. Known as “majolica” in Spain, Mexican Talavera draws its name from the 16th century Spanish pottery center, Talavera de la Reina , where imagination and persistence led to enormous strides in the world’s knowledge of fine ceramics. The tradition of Talavera production has struggled since the Mexican War of Independence in the early 19th century, during which the number of workshops were less than eight in the state of Puebla. Later efforts by artists and collectors revived the craft somewhat in the early 20th century and there are now significant collections of Talavera pottery in Puebla, Mexico City and New York City. Further efforts to preserve and promote the craft have occurred in the late 20th century, with the introduction of new, decorative designs and the passage of the Denominación de Origen de la Talavera law to protect authentic, Talavera pieces made with the original, 16th-century methods.

“Travel across Mexico , and you’ll see all sorts of signs of Spanish influence that date back to the colonial era. Architecture, of course, is chief among them—but there’s also talavera. More than 300 years later, the popular style endures. The colorful ceramics are found in the form of decorative tiles adorning buildings’ exterior and interior walls (one of the most spectacular examples is the Casa de los Azulejos in Mexico City), as well as in the form of Talavera Plates , bowls, and other serving dishes found in Mexican kitchens and on dining room tables.” – The Latin Kitchen

Authentic Talavera Trays

Talavera Snack Tray handmade in Pueblo MexicoSnacking will Never Be the Same with Our Talavera Trays – It doesn’t matter if it’s a pay-per-view boxing event, baseball game, football match, or just a good movie on television; you and I both know you are going to need something to eat. Snacking while watching TV has become somewhat of a hobby in and of itself. With that in mind, the next time you sit down in front of the tube to take in a sporting event or catch a good flick, consider snagging our Talavera snack traysas well.

Its rich detail and colorful patterns make it beautiful and unique. However, what you will probably be most interested in is the fact that some of our trays have multiples compartments for you to store a variety of your favorite snacks. This makes it perfect for storing things like chips, dip, and toppings in one convenient location. You could even serve several different types of meats, cheeses, and crackers as well. If potato chips are in order, put three varieties and some popcorn in the compartments and feast away! You could even put vegetables and some ranch dressing in there if you are one of those healthy types, we won’t complain.

The snack tray makes snacking easy and convenient, but there are other purposes it can serve too. For instance, at your next formal party, why not use snack trays to serve hors d’oeuvres? It’s elegant enough to be formal, just as much as it is playful enough to be casual. Buy two or three and outfit them nicely with your finest appetizers for guests to munch on while they wait for the main course to be served. When you’re finished, simply toss it in the dishwasher. That’s right, no need to hand wash this piece. All of our Talavera accessories are chip resistant, microwave safe, oven safe, and dishwasher safe. Also, no need to worry about lead paint that is common with some imports, our Talavera pottery is 100% lead free. Quality, beauty, and snacking convenience, our Talavera snack tray covers it all.

Made in Mexico: Talavera Serving Bowls

Talavera Pottery Plates CareHaving its origins in Puebla Mexico, and echoing that tradition, all of the paint used in our Talavera products are 100% lead free. Originally, only vegetable dyes and all natural pigments were used. Each artisan had their own unique style and only four different pigments were allowed to be used in order for a piece to qualify as Talavera. Today, several other colors have been added and since the pallet has expanded, so has the colorful festive nature of the pieces.

Our serving bowl is a perfect complement to any type of dining room table.  If you have a minimalist table with a modern sleek design styling, this serving bowl with its punch of color would look perfect gracing the tabletop. Perhaps your design styles are more traditional in nature. If that is the case, this brightly colored festive bowl will perfectly complement the traditional flair of your dining room. You simply cannot go wrong using our Talavera serving bowl as a design element in your room.

Consider these other design ideas as well:

For your entryway. Place the serving bowl on your entryway or console table filled with potpourri to greet guests with a wonderful aroma as they enter your home. The aroma combined with the colorful presentation of the serving bowl is a wonderful way to welcome friends into your space.

Hallway table. Try filling the serving bowl with ornaments during the holiday season, or other items such as shells, or even pine cones during off seasons to create a fantastic display in your hallway. One of these bowls, positioned on a small side table at the end of a hallway, makes a great statement and also provides a fantastic focal point for the space.

Bedroom. Why not place one of these on top of your dresser, or a side reading table in your bedroom, to create a more intimate space? You could fill the bowl with dried flower potpourri and a few decorative wooden balls to ground the reading nook or crown your dresser top.

Bathroom. Place one of these on a “his and hers” vanity in your bathroom to not only divide the space, but add a little bit of dramatic flair too. You could have fun with it and put washcloths or other small toiletry items inside for guests to use during their stay. The color and functionality will make for a great accessory item in the bathroom.

You could place these in outdoor seating areas, beside your sofa on a side table, place them on your sofa table, the possibilities are truly limited only by what you can come up with. You could go off-the-cuff and fill one of the serving bowls with oranges and place it on your kitchen counter. What a great way to add a bit of color and display as well as functionality, to your kitchen! As stated before, the design options are truly limitless..

We have several different styles and patterns to choose from, so you should have no trouble finding a bowl that suits your taste and tickles your fancy. Head over to La Fuente now and make one of theseTalavera serving bowls yours today!