Talavera Ginger Jar Vases

1416342718-TGJ500A_med_new (1)Talavera Ginger Jar VasesLooking for a truly unique accessory for your home? Well, our Talavera ginger jar will have no problem fitting the bill. Handcrafted from Clay, and then painted in a classic Talavera style, this vase is simply beautiful. The artisans around Dolores Hildago, Mexico certainly know what they are doing. This ginger jar amazing hues of blue, contrasted with soft yellows and light greens. The dominant orange color works to hold the artistic floral pattern together, grounding it as well. The elegant siren shape gives just a touch of class that you want for your home. This vase would look beautiful displayed anywhere.

Design and Placement Ideas – Group this vase together with a couple of pictures, or some other knickknacks on top of a console table to create interest in depth. Use it as a focal piece by placing it on your mantle, or in your guest room on a dresser.

You could even take a color from the piece and use it to design an entire room. Simply pick out the colors on the face and use them for Accent pillows on your sofa, drapes for your windows, and other pieces of art to hang on the walls. Sometimes it is amazing how one piece can inspire an entire room. Yet, that is often the case with accessories purchased from La Fuente Imports. The handmade quality and colorful design’s inspire people to create entire things around one or two pieces that they purchase from us. This ginger jar vase is no different.

Purchase one today, and put it to work for you. Purchase a couple and use them to create symmetry on a foyer table, or add a sense of balance to a large mantle. Group three or more for a collective art piece. With an accessory that has this much class and style, you simply can’t have too many!