Talavera Plates as Art

Talavera plates made in Pueblo, MexicoHang plates instead of framed artwork on your walls! Talavera Plates are a great way to add color to an otherwise neutral room, so take yours out of the cupboard and try some of these great ways to display them.

For collectible plates you don’t use, why not create “artistic impact” by grouping the plates in a large cluster for a jaw-dropping display.

Another idea is to paint a wall in a complementary or contrasting color, hang wood shelves and fill your shelves with your decorative plates.

How do you hang plates in an artistic way? “Grab some leftover newspaper and trace each plate or framed piece onto the paper and cut them out. Use your paper cutouts to figure out the proper layout of the series. Experiment with your grouping on the floor to work out the arrangement you like best. Gently tape the cutouts to the wall in the design of your choosing. Periodically step back to make sure you are happy with the spacing and the height of the entire group. Once you are completely satisfied with the placement on the wall, you can begin hanging the plates.” – Sheila Schmitz, Houzz Editor.

So whether for home decoration or for day-to-day use in the dining room, our extensive selection of authentic Talavera Pottery is sure to make a wonderful addition to your home décor.