New Talavera Tile Designs for Fall

We’re keeping things fresh this Fall by adding nearly two dozen new Talavera Tile designs to our enormous online selection! Talavera tiles are handmade in Mexico and are perfect for your home if you enjoy rustic, bold and lively design.Talavera Tile Escamilla Azul Design

Are you thinking of completing a home renovation in the future? Incorporating beautiful handcrafted Talavera tiles is the perfect place to start! Authentic Talavera Tiles are both an eye-catching accent and durable for everyday use. By using dark colors and/or bold Talavera patterns, you’ll add dimension and a bit of fun to your bath or kitchen. The simple and special tile patterns form new geometric designs when combined, for example the corners of each tile creating a new middle piece. Solid color tiles are great for separating your patterns with blocks and patches of color. Any one of these new designs, Flor de Corazones, Romanesco, Cholula Mexicano or the Estrella de Fuego, would be beautiful combined with a solid tile.

As we discussed in our 5 Advantages of Decorating with Talavera Tile article, you’ll find Talavera Tile to be rustic, bold and beautiful. Talavera is perfect for those who want to redesign a kitchen or bathroom with a colorful theme. Each tile features both variances in color and imperfections in the finish. This is part of the appeal of Talavera tiles; they are meant to be imperfect and used in a rustic or southwestern setting.

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