Blue and White Talavera Tile

Majolica Talavera Pottery La Fuente ImportsBlue and White Talavera Tile – If you are looking to put a little bit of the Southwest into your home’s design scheme, why not try it with our Talavera Tile. Particularly, are blue and white pattern is just the perfect thing to liven up a space. These tiles make perfect accent pieces for kitchens and bathrooms, yet they have many other applications as well. Brighten up a set of patio steps by facing the risers with some blue and white Talavera Tile. If your back patio is a bit aged, liven it up a bit by placing tile on the back wall. These pieces really make backyard spaces pop. You could even try in-setting a few of them into concrete stepping stones to echo the tone of Mother Nature. Their bright, festive nature lends them to all sorts of applications!

If you have any leftovers, they make perfect coasters. Simply glue four rubber feet to the bottom to prevent the back from scratching your furniture. You could also group a few together and use them as a trivet. Their ceramic material means they really stand up well to heat and cold. They also do a great job as a coaster by protecting your beautiful wood furniture from those pesky water rings.

Yet, the really unique thing about our Talavera tile as opposed to other types; our tile is all handmade in Mexico. That’s right, our artisans use traditional means and make the tile in the traditional Talavera manner, using only the highest quality materials and natural pigments. These methods have been passed own for generations and the skill set takes years to master. Most master tile makers spend several years as an apprentice in a local shop, working under a master artisan in order to hone their craft. The result is unmatched quality and amazing artistic design. Take some today and see why Talavera is the premier choice for brightening up any space in your home.